Print and Digital
Branding and Marketing

Product development and package design, eCommerce website design with Google-friendly SEO, all built specifically to complement the brand and the product. Development of cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategies that will attract and retain customers.

  • Logo and Branding Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Company ID
  • Brochures and Fliers
  • Kiosks and Convention Booths
  • Training Material
  • eCommerce Website Design
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Signage, Posters, Billboards
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animated Chyrons
  • Video Editing

I provide Package DesignLogo Design, Illustration, and overall Graphic Design, as well as, Product Photography.

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An array of designs and content over my career for some of the largest companies in the world, which in turn, lead to many successful small business ad campaigns. For many years working in the fast-paced industry of women’s fashion. Managing small teams to maintain the website with fresh and exciting daily and weekly designs while making marketing content, directing photo shoots, making interactive guides and lookbooks, email promotions, banner ads, and social media content.

Email Promotion - Torrid Swim Wear
Email Promotions

Travel has provided a broad perspective of design, beyond just graphic design, but so much more the culture of style and the style of culture as two independent and united concepts.

As Senior Web Designer for Guess Clothing and Torrid Clothing, I was able to lead, work alongside, and learn from some of the most talented people if the fashion industry.

In addition, I have been a Senior Internet Designer at the Los Angeles Times and also held leadership roles in women’s fashion on projects for Juicy Couture, Smashbox Cosmetics, and many others.

Guess Clothing Footwear 300X250
Animated Banner Ads

Therefore, I am able to create smart and effective, design and marketing campaigns that customers that help appreciate your product. My experience in design and acute awareness of team dynamics, as well as listening to the customer’s needs, have been invaluable. Always aware of the project deadline, and knowing the bottom line, you can be certain of my dependability.

Contemporary design requires development in unison with the two great mediums of digital and print therefore, I have developed expertise in this digital age of design without neglecting the power of the print ad. We will develop a strategy that will get messaging to the customer in the most effective and efficient formats available.

Ultimately, a perfectly balanced combination of digital and print platforms relative to the customer base and their shopping styles.

Torn Tees
Gris Grimly
Becker Visuals
Vulcan Music Accessories
Nott Associates
Rub 1 Out Meat Spices

eCommerce Website Design

Custom website design to sell products, links between your favorite social media apps for promotion, easy blog updates, eCommerce websites with wish lists, and custom coupon codes to engage your customer and marketable Call To Action. I will provide your company with a complete package of branding consistency across all media formats.


If you have an idea for a character or a shape sketched on a napkin. Or, if you just have an idea rolling around in your head, let me bring it into reality! I will create a scalable, vector-based illustration. I can also bring your ideas to life with video and motion graphics animation!

House of Mingus logo promotes eCommerce website design
Logo Design
Product Illustration helps eCommerce Website Design
Product Illustration
Custom Illustration for eCommerce Website Design
Custom Illustrations

Marketing Campaign
Staging and Product Photography

My design studio in downtown Los Angeles is equipped for product photography, sound design, studio photography, lifestyle imagery, and even headshots.

Product Photography for eCommerce website design
Product Photography

Designingfor the Brand

Researching the current branding, I will study the details and develop a dynamic vision of your existing brand or create a bold, new brand that reflects the product. Furthermore, designing utility, yet eye-catching packaging, and building a robust eCommerce website design to sell your product directly, with proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Also, a cross-platform selling strategy, developed for multi-consumers making your product available across the internet including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and more.
Your company will get a world-class company ID.

Print or digital, I create strategies for your success!