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A logo is the first impression a customer may have of your company. I will work with you to design a logo that will give your customer a positive and clear understanding of your company. Please take a look through the logo gallery to see my previous logo designs.
• Custom logos that will not lose detail when made smaller.
• Your logo will look good black and white for faxes, copies, etc.
• Help with your previous logo if it needs to be modified.

A visual aid can often help connect you with your customer. I can take your words, that can be time-consuming for a customer on the move, and give them a graphic reference to communicate that same message to your customer.
• Accessorize your printed material and website with original artwork.
• Character animation on video or Flash.
• Flow charts and graphs.

PRINT Design

With an array of packaging styles available combined with compelling graphics, I will make you a unique package that will entice the customer to purchase your product.
• Variety of shapes and sizes.
• Custom graphics designed specifically for your package.
• Choose from many different kinds of paper, windows, handles, and other accessories.

Thinking of printing an ad in a national magazine or your local newspaper? I will design your ad to print clearly and grab your customer’s attention.
• Exciting design with a clear message.
• Designs specifically for black and white or color printing.
• Deep understanding of resolution and dot gain.

Whether you have a restaurant and need an update to your existing menus and signage or you are starting a new restaurant I will work with you to make sure that all of your menus and signage have a design for a healthy appetite.
• Coffee sleeve and coaster advertising.
• Menu boards, print menus, placemats, etc.
• Embroidery designs for uniforms.

People are stuck in traffic all the time in Los Angeles. Billboards and car wraps are a great way to reach a largely urban audience.
• Manufactured signage with a selection of lighting and back-lighting.
• Vinyl signage with a clear message.
• Billboards and car wraps.


Websites are a great way to help your customer know more about your company. I will design a website for you that will explain specifics of your company and products with an easy to use interface. Please take a look through the website gallery to see my previous website designs.
• Website design will compliment your logo and any company material.
• Back-end customer updating available.
• Shopping carts are available.

The only way for new customers to find you on the internet is to optimize your website for search engine algorithms. With the knowledge you have of your company and my experience optimizing websites I will help new customers find your company on Google, Yahoo, etc.
• Keyword research.
• Descriptive copy to reflect keyword research.
• Higher ranking on search engines.

Motion and interaction are great ways to keep customers interested in your website as well as to show an array of products in a slide show or a carousel. Please take a look through the multimedia gallery to see my previous interactive designs.
• Home page slide shows to promote multiple product groups on one web page.
• Flipbooks and trivia games can keep your customers involved while learning about your products.
• Video players and music players.

Banner ads are one of the most aggressive marketing tools on the internet. Banner ads can be as simple as a jpg with your logo and product or as complex as video banners or forms for customer interaction.
• Animated GIFs.
• Interactive Flash banners with animation and video.
• Video players and music players.


Professional photography of your product, or even better, of your product with a model can make a dramatic impact on your sales.
• Large studio with large windows and lots of natural light.
• Seamless background.
• Make-up and stylist are available.

Is your company looking for a viral marketing hit? I can produce compelling HD video and animation for your company’s promotions whether it is for commercial use or youtube.
• Green screen for video composition.
• Animate your logo and other custom titles.
• Make-up and stylist are available.

Complete sound studio for powerful, low noise, voice-over recording or create fresh, unique foley sounds and effects.
• Voice over and overdub recording.
• Many microphones and compressors are available to get the right sound.
• Relaxed, professional environment.

Do you need some music for your company promotional video? Do you need some beats for your new hip-hop hit single? A score for a zombie movie? I can create a variety of styles that will add an audial element to your project that will keep your audience enthralled. Take a listen to some of my music here.
• Original scores for commercials, promotional videos, movies.
• Music production for your songs.
• Variety of styles including dance, rock, and country.