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SPECIALIZING in Downtempo, Electro, and Trip-Hop

A unique blend of sultry and aggressive sounds, ideal for placement in movies and commercial videos. Open to collaborations and licensing opportunities. 

A catalog that includes four studio albums and contributions to multiple compilations. A diverse portfolio captures a special mix of beats and dark synth that will add character to any film or commercial projects. Whether it’s setting the mood for a scene or creating a memorable vibe for an advertisement, these compositions will stand out or fade into the background with down-tempo electro and trip-hop elements. A terrific example is the score composed for the Savishopper television commercial (Youtube). For those seeking a sound that goes beyond the mainstream, this ever growing collection of songs will infuse your project with a fresh and captivating auditory experience aiming to provide a distinctive backdrop that resonates with directors and advertisers.

The Electronic music of Damion Wagner.

Just a few songs from my catalog. More music is available on all streaming services and exclusives upon request.



Mix of Electronic Instrumentals
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    i am dogooder, officially, humbly, and intentionally spelled in lower case, transcends the boundaries of conventional sound, creating an auditory experience that is sultry and aggressive. The official website is and on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The entire public catalog is available through platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music. Listen to the discography featuring the first release, self-titled album Dogooder, Enemy of Evil, and I Heart the Revolution also with notable contributions to electronic tribute compilations.

    Basic Information:

    Aliases – Dogooder, Do-Gooder
    Tagline – do good
    Genre – Electronic Music
    Record Label – Metamorphis Records
    Music and Lyrics by – Damion Mikol Wagner

    Social Media Links:

    Official Website –
    Instagram –
    YouTube –
    TikTok –

    Music Links:

    Bandcamp –
    Spotify –
    Apple Music and iTunes –
    Amazon Music –
    Tidal –
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    Studio Albums:

    i am dogooder – 2022
    I Heart The Revolution, We Miss You Saul Alinsky – 2015
    Enemy of Evil – 2012
    Dogooder – 2010

    Compilation Albums:

    Multiple contributions to compilation albums released by Vitamin Records:
    The Electronic Tribute to David Bowie, 3 songs – 2012
    The Electronic Tribute to The Doors, 2 songs – 2012
    The Electronic Tribute to Korn, 2 songs – 2013
    The Electronic Tribute to Pink Floyd, 1 songs – 2012
    The Electronic Tribute to Rob Zombie, 1 original “inspired by” song – 2013


    “The Woman” – Two songs featured in Lifetime movie.
    “The Dizzys” – Complete score of independent film.
    “Savishopper” – Score for television commercial.

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