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Design and Marketing

Cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategies built to attract and retain customers. Compelling package design, an online shopping website solution that has Google-friendly SEO, nurtured funnel marketing through selective social media advertising and a matching regionally farmed area for direct print marketing, all created specifically to complement your current brand, or a new brand developed by us.

Graphic Design, Logos, Package Design, Illustration, Product Photography, and clearly written copy for SEO/Search Engine Optimization.

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An array of experience creating effective design and marketing content to attract and retain customers for some of the largest name brands and many more successful campaigns for small businesses. Our expert team will scale to your needs and budget.

Damion Wagner Design and Marketing

We will design or re-design, and maintain a world-class website, creating a matching social media presence with fresh and exciting daily, weekly, and monthly posts and updates. Additionally, we are committed to producing an impactful marketing strategy, encompassing email promotions, digital ads, powerful print advertising, large scale outdoor promotions, and content for street-team canvassing.

Our expertise extends to package design, ensuring all of your products boast captivating layouts that enrich the full-circle customer experience, creating a seamless union with your brand’s identity to ensure customer retention and loyalty.

DW Slide Logos
DW Slide Illustrations Object
DW Slide Illustrations Characters

Design and Marketing Focused on Today and Tomorrow

Macro to micro we will take in a broad perspective of your company presence and bring back a focused, fresh perspective. Where inspired simplicity transcends the fundamentals. Working with local small businesses and companies like Guess Clothing, Torrid Clothing, Los Angeles Times, Juicy Couture, Smashbox Cosmetics, and many others, we’ve pushed the boundaries of creative expression with each project, showcasing a perfect blend of innovation and elegance.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Funneled to Your eCommerce Website

Custom website with online shopping with branded email campaigns to stay connected with past customers and funnel marketing techniques to direct new customers from your social media to your product. Regular blog updates will keep you active and informative. An eCommerce website with wishlists and custom coupon codes to engage your customer with tangible and marketable Call To Action. Your company will be provided a complete package with consistent branding across all media formats and platforms.
Torn Tees
Gris Grimly
Becker Visuals
Vulcan Music Accessories
Nott Associates
Rub 1 Out Meat Spices

Custom Logos, Patterns, Characters, and Illustration

From an idea sketched on a napkin to a fully designed company ID, let us optimize your brand and develop a style guide that includes a vector-based logo and illustrations that are scaleable from a postage stamp to a billboard. We will match your brand across all of your favorite platforms including merchandise, social media, website, video, and motion graphic animations.

Let our creative expertise customize an unparalleled branding experience that reflects your company culture, philosophy, and vision!

  • Logo and Branding Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Company ID
  • Brochures and Fliers
  • Kiosks and Convention Booths
  • Training Material
  • eCommerce Website Design
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Signage, Posters, Billboards
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animated Chyrons
  • Video Editing

Lifestyle and Product Photography

Our design studio in downtown Los Angeles is equipped for product photography, sound design, studio photography, lifestyle imagery, and headshots.

Designing for Your Brand

Based on our research of your current process and style we will develop a dynamic vision to seamlessly reimagine your existing brand into a bold and compelling plan of action to expand while retaining your current clients and existing products. Furthermore, designing eye-catching packaging, and building a robust eCommerce website design to sell your product directly, with proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a cross-platform selling funnel marketing strategy that will make your product available across the internet.

Print and Digital Strategies for Your Success!