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Client Satisfaction with RELIABILITY and QUALITY

Satisfied customers are our greatest testament. Delve into testimonials showcasing excellence, reliability, and dedication. Clients highlight transformative outcomes, exceptional service, and positive relationships, offering valuable insights.

Meagan W

I needed some work on my website and portfolio. Damion went above and beyond to answer my questions, and get the job done at a very reasonable price. I would recommend him to all of my colleagues.

James O

Damion has a great eye for website design. It was easy to work with him. Extremely knowledgeable, creative and fun. Understands how best to optimize, grab attention and produce results. He built a highly functional site that optimized our SEO effectively. I now have a website I can proudly show my customers.

Jeff N

I started working with Damion Wagner of Wagner Design one year ago to improve my web site appearance and stretchability.  My site was invisible for certain keywords and I could not understand why.  He made many suggestions as to the look of the site and explored many avenues to increase the searchability.  I will say he was thorough and creative as to his approach and did an excellent job.  One year later my site searches in the top 5 and often first for my targeted keywords.  I recommend him strongly.  I felt like I received a good value for the money I spent and Damion made excellent suggestions and was attentive to my needs through the design process.

Irene J

Not only did Damion Wagner Graphic Design make an awesome, fully functional e-commerce website for me, he is extremely accessible for customer service. He is available to help by phone or in person. I told him my idea for a logo and he immediately whipped up an illustrated picture and font that was PERFECT for what I envisioned! He’s definitely got a knack for design and can intuitively create a personalized website that impressively represents my internet business.

Liz M

I’ve been working with Damion for many year’s he’s designed several websites for me and has taught me how to do my own as well. He’s always available to help if I have any emergencies while trying to update or otherwise and I appreciate his expertise and patience!

Janet S

Damion Wagner Graphic Design created a website for my business. The technical expertise of the design team is superior ..the layout is simple but very VERY effective. I appreciate the courteous and helpful customer service of Damion Wagner Graphic Design. Thank you.

Gris G

Damion created a minimalist-streamline site for my brand and nailed it. He responds when needed to address issues or changes when they arise.

Steve S

Damion helped me with a really ambitious project: I wanted to record a rock album with me serving as an entire band, and at the same time, I also wanted to create a website dedicated to that project. And Damion helped me with *everything*! In terms of the music, he served as producer and engineer, he used his software to create drum tracks for me (this was the only instrument I didn’t play on the album), he helped with arranging tracks (background vocals, percussion…), he gave me great feedback whenever I got indecisive, and he kept me engaged on days when I wasn’t getting there on my own. Outside of the music itself, he built a website for me, tutored me on its basic upkeep and how to modify it, he taught me about a bunch of related sites for showcasing music that I hadn’t known about, and he did some outstanding photography and Photoshop work in helping me to create imagery for my imaginary “band.” Damion is very versatile and multitalented, he’s full of ideas, and he’s always got the best interests of the client and the project in mind. I recommend him highly for graphic design, photography and photo editing, webmastering, and everything music-related (producing, engineering, playing, arranging).