CASE STUDY: Branding

Creating for a diverse array of companies and brands, we have engaged in comprehensive design projects across a variety of products. For shampoo, our focus was on clean and vibrant branding, reflected in sleek packaging and a user-friendly website.

Spice packaging emphasized rich colors and bold typography, creating an enticing visual experience. Vinyl record jackets merged retro aesthetics with modern design elements, catering to music enthusiasts. Book designs and brochures showcased compelling layouts, conveying the essence of the content. Billboards and flyers captured attention through striking visuals and concise messaging. Our exclusive involvement ensured a cohesive and impactful visual identity across different mediums, enhancing each brand’s unique appeal.

CASE STUDIES: Brands exclusively designed by us.

Vulcan Music Accessories

Designing the Vulcan Guitar Clutch brand involved a strategic visual approach. Packaging features a modern, sleek design, highlighting the product’s reliability. Advertising and marketing materials prioritize simplicity and stability, resonating with musicians. The eCommerce website boasts an intuitive layout, emphasizing secure transactions and customer testimonials. Branded merchandise like shirts, posters, guitar picks, stickers, and buttons maintain a cohesive visual identity. Conference booth designs, especially for NAMM events, incorporate eye-catching visuals with a nod to local aesthetics in the Nashville edition. The wholesale spreadsheet ensures efficient sales management for private music stores and Amazon. From a designer’s perspective, the brand’s visual consistency and appeal are central to its success.

An innovative music accessory that ensures fast access and stable guitar placement. Attach it effortlessly to your amp or surface the height of your guitar neck. Safely lean your guitar into the Vulcan Guitar Clutch, eliminating the risk of falls or cord entanglements of standard guitar stands. Experience worry-free performances with this sleek solution. Elevate your stage presence with the Vulcan Guitar Clutch—where stability meets simplicity.


DW Website Print Vulcan
Vulcan Music Accessories

Rub 1 Out Barbecue Spices

Complete visual identity for a barbecue spice company, renowned for its uniquely whimsical name. Design and sourcing for packaging, advertising, marketing material, and product labels. The challenging with name created design opportunities and drawback that another brand might not be concerned, focus on the distinct spice blend’s flavor.

A car wrap showcased the brand’s brash attitude with a seamless eCommerce website translating the aesthetic into a virtual cogent customer experience. Branded merchandise, including hats, shirts, and aprons available to customers on the website and wearable while working branded public events. Even office supplies and receipt books adhered to the distinctive brand aesthetic. Development online sales management and optimizing wholesale operations through a shared spreadsheet. Commitment to comprehensive design ensured that every aspect resonates with the playful and memorable spirit encapsulated in the spice company’s identity.

DW Website Print Rub1Out
Rub 1 Out Amazing Meat Rubs!

Damion Mikol Wagner and The Dusk

Developing a comprehensive brand, I oversaw the creation of packaging, advertising, and marketing materials. This included a Songbook, vinyl LP record jacket, compact disc jacket, and cassette sleeve, and designs and marketing for music streaming services and social media each designed to reflect the unique essence of the music. The eCommerce website was crafted for a seamless user experience. Branded merchandise such as shirts, one-sheets, and giveaways maintained a cohesive visual identity. Office supplies featured the brand’s aesthetic for a unified workspace. This holistic approach ensures a consistent and impactful presence across diverse formats, reinforcing the brand’s identity and connecting with audiences on various levels.

Taking advantage of this opportunity for shameless self-promotion I present my alter persona, Damion Mikol Wagner. Our music is genuine, covering themes of love, yearning, and rebellion. These songs resonate with a broad audience, immersing listeners in relatable experiences. The inviting rhythmic and melodic sound blends insightful imagery through music and words, directly speaking to the heart and soul. Engage with our narratives that feel like familiar stories, transporting you to witness the tales firsthand.

Damion Mikol Wagner
Damion Mikol Wagner – Shuffle, Gallops, and Love Songs


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