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IMPACTFUL Printing Designs Across Industries and Products

In the expansive world of print design, our expertise extends across diverse industries. Whether crafting compelling billboards and flyers or designing eye-catching book covers and brochures, we prioritize striking visuals and concise messaging for maximum impact. Our commitment to excellence ensures a cohesive and impactful visual identity across various print mediums.

Turning our focus to specific product types, shampoo packaging exemplifies clean and vibrant branding, harmonized with sleek packaging. Spice packaging stands out with its rich colors and bold typography, creating an enticing visual experience. Vinyl record jackets seamlessly merge retro aesthetics with modern design elements, appealing to music enthusiasts. This exclusive involvement guarantees a unique visual appeal for each brand across different print mediums, strengthening their market presence.

Vulcan Music Accessories

Designing the Vulcan Guitar Clutch brand required a meticulous approach to printing. The packaging boasts a contemporary, sleek design that accentuates the product’s reliability. Advertising materials prioritize simplicity and stability, resonating with musicians. The eCommerce website features an intuitive layout, emphasizing secure transactions and customer testimonials. Branded merchandise, including shirts, posters, guitar picks, stickers, and buttons, maintains a cohesive visual identity. Conference booth designs, especially for NAMM events, incorporate eye-catching visuals with a nod to local aesthetics in the Nashville edition. The wholesale spreadsheet ensures efficient sales management for private music stores and Amazon. From a printing perspective, the brand’s visual consistency and appeal are paramount to its success.

Introducing an innovative music accessory ensuring fast access and stable guitar placement. Effortlessly attach it to your amp or surface to adjust your guitar neck’s height. Safely lean your guitar into the Vulcan Guitar Clutch, eliminating the risk of falls or cord entanglements common with standard guitar stands. Experience worry-free performances with this sleek solution. Elevate your stage presence with the Vulcan Guitar Clutch—where stability meets simplicity in a printed masterpiece.


DW Website Print Vulcan
Vulcan Music Accessories

Rub 1 Out Barbecue Spices

Creating a cohesive visual identity for a barbecue spice company, celebrated for its uniquely whimsical name, involved meticulous printing considerations. Design and sourcing for packaging, advertising, marketing materials, and product labels were executed with precision. The challenge posed by the distinctive name opened design opportunities and considerations that set the brand apart. Focus was dedicated to highlighting the distinct flavor of the spice blend.

A bold car wrap reflected the brand’s brash attitude, complemented by a seamlessly designed eCommerce website translating the aesthetic into a cogent virtual customer experience. Branded merchandise, including hats, shirts, and aprons, became tangible extensions available on the website, enhancing the brand’s presence at public events. Office supplies and receipt books adhered to the distinctive brand aesthetic. The development of online sales management and optimization of wholesale operations showcased a commitment to comprehensive design. Every aspect resonates with the playful and memorable spirit encapsulated in the spice company’s unique identity, emphasizing the importance of printing precision in conveying the brand’s character.

DW Website Print Rub1Out
Rub 1 Out Amazing Meat Rubs!

Damion Mikol Wagner and The Dusk

Taking advantage of this opportunity for shameless self-promotion I present my alter persona, Damion Mikol Wagner. Because this is my pet project, I was able to go above and beyond with intricate print design and imagine the ultimate creation of packaging, advertising, and marketing materials. From the elaborate design of a Songbook to the careful crafting of a vinyl LP record jacket, compact disc jacket, and cassette sleeve, each project is meticulously tailored to capture the unique essence of the music it represents. Our commitment to precision ensures that every detail, from layout to typography, contributes to a visual narrative that resonates with the intended audience.

Beyond the musical realm, our expertise extends to branded merchandise, including shirts, one-sheets, and giveaways. In this domain, our design philosophy remains steadfast, maintaining a cohesive visual identity that aligns with the overarching brand. The synergy between printed materials and branded merchandise forms a harmonious visual language, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience for the audience.

Damion Mikol Wagner
Damion Mikol Wagner – Shuffle, Gallops, and Love Songs