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SCORE YOUR PROJECT with Original Roots Folk Rock

Damion Mikol Wagner presents honest and unique original music, ideal for placement in movies and commercials. Open to collaborations and licensing opportunities.

A catalog that comprises two studio albums and an acoustic remix album, a live EP, showcasing a diverse portfolio that captures the authentic spirit of Americana, folk rock, and dark roots. The compositions, featuring a mix of acoustic melodies and heartfelt storytelling that will add a distinctive character to film and commercial projects. Whether evoking the ambiance of a scene or creating a memorable backdrop for an advertisement, this music, with its rootsy and dark elements, promises to resonate with directors and advertisers alike.

The Americana music of Damion Mikol Wagner.

Just a few songs from my catalog. More music is available on all streaming services and exclusives upon request.



Acoustic Instrumental Remixes
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    For those seeking a sound that reflects the richness of Americana and folk rock, this ever-growing collection of songs aims to infuse projects with an authentic and honest auditory experience. Damion Mikol Wagner invites you to get to know his long history in music and Los Angeles. Find more info at, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Accessible on platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music, delve into the discography and contributions to music.

    Basic Information:

    Alias: Damion Wagner, D Mikol Wagner, Damion Mikol Mikol Wagner And The Dusk, And The Dusk
    Tagline: Let’s play a round, out on the driveway.
    Genre: California Roots Americana Folk Rock
    Record Label: Metamorphis Records
    Music and Lyrics by: Damion Mikol Wagner

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    Studio Albums:

    Shuffles, Gallops, and Love Songs Acoustic & Instrumental Remixes – 2023
    Sunset Serenade – 2022
    Shuffles, Gallops, and Love Songs – 2021
    Live At The Canadian Building Vol.1 – 2020

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